Location Settings

The phone numbers of the telephone system are defined in the Location Settings

Phone Number Range
Indicate here which internal phone numbers exist in the phone system. This information is used to determine the available lines from the phone system.

phone-context of the telephone URI
Enter the phone-context, that is used for addressing the phone devices. This is either the domain or 'dialstring'.
Each phone device is represented by a tel URI. This is for example: tel:12345;phone-context=dialstring.

Indicate here which international phone numbers precede the internal extension numbers.
The input of this location information should only be carried out if you use several driver instances and have connected several telephone systems. This location information can only be configured when the option Use Location is switched on. If you enter a location here, all extension phone numbers are entered fully international.
Example: With location information '49(89)1234' the extension '100' is formatted as '49(89)1234-100'.

Phone Number Format
The phone number registered from the driver at the application can be changed with rules. Moreover, you can also change phone numbers sent by the PC to the telephone system. See Phone number formatting.

Version 5.0