CallManager CSTA configuration

CallManager Express Version
Cisco Unified CME 8.0 or higher is required

Configure CSTA protocol
The configuration of the CallManager for using CSTA can be done manually or assisted by the estos ECSTA for CallManager Express. On the page 'Line Settings' you will find the 'CallManager Configuration' in 'Extras'.

SIP configuration:
CTI will be enabled, the SIP Registrar will be enabled and a Session Server (here number 2) will be configured for use by the ECSTA.

configure terminal 
voice service voip
allow-connections sip to sip
no cti shutdown
no cti csta mode basic
registrar server expires max 1800 min 60

voice register global
mode cme

voice register session-server 2
register-id ss_ecsta
keepalive 600

Configure ephone-dn '1':
CTI Watch allows control and monitoring of the telephones. CTI Notify additionally allows to monitor the availability of a phone device.
ephone-dn 1
cti watch
cti notify

Configure Security (optional):
You may optionally configure authentication for the Session Server registration. In case this authentication is enabled, all SIP registrations require a username and password. In case this authentication is enabled, the ECSTA uses the AXL credentials. Before enabling authentication please check if any other applications and devices connected to the CME also support this.

voice register global
authenticate register

Attention: In older versions it was possible to operate the CSTA communication without Session Server. In case you just updated the ECSTA, you have to check the CME configuration.

Detailed instructions for the configuration of the phones and CSTA can be found in the Cisco CallManager Express Administration guide.

  • Configuring CTI CSTA Protocol Suite
  • Configuring the XML API

Version 5.0