General Settings

The connection to the CallManager Express is established using SIP/TCP and HTTP/HTTPS for AXL.
Enter the IP address of the CallManager.

The IP address of the CallManager can be determined from the DHCP option 'TFTP server'.

AXL Connection
The line configuration is loaded from the CallManager using the AXL/SOAP connection. Choose if HTTP or HTTPS should be used. Enter the user name and password for the AXL connection.
The AXL/SOAP connection must be configured in the CallManager Express. See CallManager AXL configuration.

SIP Parameters
For the SIP communication the Tapi driver must be able to accept inbound SIP traffic. Choose the IP interface and the SIP port. An exception in the windows firewall is required. This exception will be added automatically during installation.

Session Server ID
For the communication with the CallManager Express it is required to configure a Session Server ID in the CME. The Session Server ID can be configured here (Default: ss_ecsta).

Version 5.0