Workstation Mode

In workstation mode, the driver can be used to control one telephone.

During installation choose workstation mode. Specify the host and port where your service provider makes the Broadsoft XSI service available as well as the type of data encryption as connection data. As access data, enter your user name and password which you also use to log into the Broadsoft Web Portal of your service provider. This access data is used to check the authorization for the control of the telephone.
Geben Sie die Verbindungsdaten an unter denen Ihr Service Provider den BroadWorks-XSI-Service zur Verfügung stellt. Geben Sie als Zugangsdaten Ihren Benutzernamen und Ihr Kennwort ein, mit dem Sie sich auch am BroadSoft Web Portal Ihres Service Providers anmelden. Diese Zugangsdaten werden verwendet, um die Berechtigung zur Steuerung des Telefons zu überprüfen.

Prompt for entering a Password
The user may change his password for example using the Broadsoft Web Portal. As soon as estos ECSTA for BroadWorks XSI determines that the configured password is no longer valid, the user is prompted to enter the new password.

Version 5.0