ECSTA for BroadWorks XSI

For installation and administration of the driver see Driver management.

When setting up the driver, follow these steps:

  1. Run driver setup
    Start the ecstabroadsoft.msi (32 Bit systems) or ecstabroadsoft_x64.msi (64 Bit systems).
  2. Workstation or Server Mode
    The driver may be used in a Workstation Mode to control one telephone set or in a Server Mode to control multiple telephones.
  3. Configure connection
    Configure the connection and access data for the Broadsoft-XSI platform of your service provider.
  4. Line configuration
    Add the telephones that the TAPI driver should use as lines.
  5. Advanced settings
    Carry out advanced settings on the configuration of your driver.
  6. Location configuration
    Carry out configurations at yourlocation.

Version 5.0