Einstellungen Verbindung

Configure access to the Broadsoft XSI platform of your provider. Select a pre-configured access profile (host, port, type of encryption) or configure access manually (selection: default provider). You can get the information for the manual access configuration from your service provider.

The name of the Broadsoft-XSI server of your service provider.

The port number at which the Broadsoft-XSI service is provided by your service provider.

The type of data encryption for the service provider (unencrypted or TLS encryption)


ProviderServer namePort
QSC Germany (unencrypted connection)web-b.bmcag.com443

Enter the access data of the workstation user in the case of an installation in workstation mode. In the case of an installation in server mode, enter the access data of the groups administrator. Here access data refers to the data record with which the corresponding login occurs at the Broadsoft Web Portal of your service provider.

Check connection button
You can test whether you can establish a connection to the Broadsoft-XSI platform of your service provider and also log in there with the connection and access data.

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Here you can enter comments, notes and the like.

Version 5.0