Shows the most important information about this driver instance

From this dialog, you can configure the log files for the diagnosis of problems.

Log Driver
Starts a general driver log.

Activates the logging mechanisms for SIP and CSTA messages about uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones.

Delete log files daily
If this option has been activated, all log files will be deleted daily.

Log File Filter (MAC Addresses)
In order to be able to analyze problems with individual telephone better, logging can be limited to specific telephones. Enter the MAC addresses for the telephones to be logged from here. Use a comma as the separator (AABBCCDDEEFF, 001122334455).

Log File Size (Mb)
Multiple log files will be written. Each log file will be re-created cyclically, when the size in megabytes has been exceeded.

Log File Path
The log files will be stored in this directory. Please note that the service will require the appropriate write privileges for this directory.

Delete Log Files
Deletes the log files.

Version 4.0