Performance Parameter:

Snapshot for active calls
The driver can check the validity of all active calls. This prevents displaying calls on the PC, which no longer exist in the telephone.

Retry MonitorStart
If the driver cannot start monitoring a phone number in uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones, the attempt will be retried at periodic intervals.

Advanced Features:

Show identities as addresses
If you have configured on the connected phone multiple identities hereby whether these identities are to be offered as separate lines or TAPI represented as a line which addresses the phone.

Automatically update Lines
The driver can independently update the lines offered by uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones. To do so, at least on line must be opened so that the TAPI sub-system will be initialized and the driver has a connection with uaCSTA Server for SIP Phones. If you use the driver in connection with UCServer, it will automatically hold a line open.

Determine phone numbers automatically
The driver can automatically determine the phone numbers for the lines. If you would like to assign the phone numbers manually, deactivate this option. The phone numbers can then be configured from the properties for the lines.

Version 4.0