Supported CSTA Functions

The supported CSTA interface is compatible to the Panasonic PBX - CTI Version 6.000 and is related to the Panasonic CSTA Documentation Revision 4.03.

ACSE Login
The ACSE Login is compatible with the login to the Panasonic CSTA interface. Additionally the CSTA Application may submit a user name and password. This is required when using the SSL/TLS encrypted connection.
The login is transmitted using ACSE-calling_authentication_value-external-encoding-single_ASN1_type-sender_authentication. The user is transmitted as authentication_name, the password as authentication_password. The string encoding is UTF-8.

General CSTA Functions
All CSTA Commands that an application sends to the Multiplexer will be forwarded to the PBX system. Please note the following exceptions:

Function Comment
MonitorStart The monitoring for each device is started only once in the PBX system and distributed to all interested applications.
MonitorStop The monitoring for each device will be stopped in the PBX system after the last application has called MonitorStop for the device.

CSTA Events
The following events will be distributed by the Multiplexer to all applications:

Function Comment
EventReport The CSTA event will be sent to all applications that called MonitorStart for the device.
SwitchingFunctionDevicesChanged The CSTA Event will be sent to all applications.

Panasonic Private Extensions
All Panasonic Private Extensions (KMESpecificPrivateData) will be transmitted.

Call Detail Record (CDR) Services
The commands 'StartCallDetailRecordsTransmission', 'StopCallDetailRecordsTransmission' and the associated event 'CallDetailRecordsReport' can be used only by one CSTA application that is onnected to the Multiplexer. Only one registration with 'StartCallDetailRecordsTransmission' is allowed. In case an application is already registerd, subsequent invocations will be answered with an error (operations error - generic). All 'CallDetailRecordsReport' events are always forwarded to the application that registered with 'StartCallDetailRecordsTransmission'. The Multiplexer makes sure that all CDR Reports will be delivered to the application. In case a CDR report cannot be forwarded to the application or the application does not respond to the report, the Multiplexer sends a negative response to the PBX system and stops CDR transmission with 'StopCallDetailRecordsTransmission'. The CSTA connection to the application will be disconnected.

Data Collection Services
The command 'StartDataCollection', 'StopDataCollection' and the associated event 'DataCollected' can be used only by one CSTA application that is connected to the Multiplexer. In case an application has called 'StartDataCollection', subsequent invocations by other applications will be answered with an error (operations error - generic).

Version 4.0