Line Settings

Here you see all lines, the driver offers as Tapi Lines. The phone numbers are the internal callnumbers of your devices, the names are used for display only.

Phone Number Format
The lines can optionally be indicated as an internal phone number, for example 123 or canonical +49(30)12345-123.
You should use canonical phone numbers if you use several instances of Tapi driver and thus switch on several telephone systems at the same time. A canonical phone number consists as follows:
+Country code (prefix) Local prefix-extension
In the dialogue Location You can configure the country code, area code and local dialing prefix.

Manual addition of a line
Give the internal phone number of the phone. Optionally, a name can also be given.

Extras - Query available lines
The currently available lines are automatically read from the PBX system.

Extras - Import Text
You can import a list of lines from a text file. The file must begin every line with the phone number. Optionally, the name can also be split with a comma.

Extras - Export text
You may export the actual line configuration to a text file.

After the installation of the driver it may be necessary to restart the computer.

Version 4.0