MULAP monitoring

With the introduction of OpenScape Business, Unify has decided to make MULAP monitoring mandatory at the telephone system for all MULAP groups. As a consequence of this change, it will no longer be possible to monitor and control the group members for a configured MULAP group in a dedicated manner. Functionally, this limitation occurs at the platform.

Limitations related to MULAP monitoring on the system side:
  • MULAP group members can no longer be monitored.
  • The MULAP group phone number will always be monitored. The driver will not know which device is used for a phone call. All calls will be registered to the MULAP group phone number by the telephone system.

If the driver should also initiate calls from the MULAP group member devices (such as a DECT phone), activate the "Depict MULAP Group Members" option from Advanced Settings. The driver will then show the slave devices in addition to the group number for the MULAP group.
A call using this line will only be shown by the driver and subject to control, when it was initiated to a member over the application layer. If you initiate, or answer, a call manually on the same end device, the driver will show the call as going to the MULAP group number and not going to the corresponding line.

Version 4.0