Line Settings

Enter the lines that the driver should make available through TAPI. The numbers are the internal phone numbers for your devices. The names will be used to display the TAPI lines.

Phone Number Format
The lines can optionally be indicated as an internal phone number, for example 123 or canonical +49(30)12345-123.
If you use several instances of the TAPI driver and therefore switch between several telephone systems at the same time, you should enter phone numbers in the international standard dialing format. This format consists of the following information:
+Country Code (Long Distance Indicator) Area Code Phone Number - Extension
You can set the country code, long distance indicator and area code from the Location dialog.

Manual addition of a line
Specify the internal phone number, the type of extension and, if necessary, the MULAP number. You will find detailed information about MULAP numbers in the MULAP Monitoring section. Optionally, a name can be specified for the line.


Load Lines
The available lines will automatically be determined from the telephone system. Options for scanning the lines can be set in a dialog for this purpose.

Import Information File
Makes importing a system information file through HiPath 3000 Manager possible.

Import / Export Text
You can import and export the list of configured lines.

The lines will first be available under some circumstances after the PC has been re-started after the installation of the driver.

Version 4.0