Advanced Settings

Feature Code FlexCall
The Feature Code configured in the telephone system is entered here for the FlexCall function. It is used for the CLIP No Screening feature. This feature allows you to choose only those extensions that are available within your company. You will not be able to use any number outside of the trunk line.

Depict MULAP Group Participants
Monitoring the individual members of a group will no longer be possible when using MULAP groups in OpenScape Business. You will have to activate this option so that calls can be started on the MULAP slave devices. The driver will then show the individual lines for the MULAP group members. You will find detailed information under MULAP Groups.

Report incoming calls on busy extension
If call waiting has not been configured for members of the telephone system, the driver can still indicate that a short call has come in. The user will then see that they have received a call.

Offer CLIP no screening
If this option is active, the driver can transfer an individual phone number with outgoing calls. See also Feature Code FlexCall.

Recognition of existing calls
If enabled, the phone system can recognize existing call while opening the line. Please note that not all call parameters are discovered!

The fee multiplier will enable you to modify the fee information reported to the driver from the telephone system.

Node number
If open numbering is used a node phone number can be configured here. See open numbering.

Snapshot for active calls
The driver can validate existing calls. This prevents that calls are displayed on the PC that do no more exist in the PBX system.
Enter a time interval in seconds.
If this value is set higher, it will take longer for the driver to detect an incorrect call. If the value is set lower, the load on the telephone system will be increased.

Retry MonitorStart
In the event that the driver cannot start monitoring an extension because, for example, the extension has not been connected to the PBX, the driver will attempt to start monitoring at periodic intervals.
Enter a time interval in seconds.

Version 4.0