PBX systems

This dialog is used to configure the connection to one or more PBX systems.

Name for this PBX system
Please enter a name. The name is used only for display purposes. You may not use the same name more then once.

IP address of the Mitel PBX system
Please enter the IP address of the PBX system. If the IP address resides in a protected IP address segment or in a VLAN, make sure this server can connect to it.

Service domain
The service domain is used to seperate the telephone devices in case of multiple PBX systems. A service domain must be unique. The telephone device with the phone number 100 in the service domain pbx.local will be identified as '100@pbx.local'.

Local IP Interface
Enter the local IP interface used to connect to the IP address of the PBX system.

The status of the PBX connection is shown here as a symbol.

  • grey: status unknown
  • green: connected to the PBX system
  • yellow: connection to the PBX system interrupted
The number tells the amount of telephones, that are currently in use (for monitoring). This amount must be smaller than the amount of licenses.

Version 4.0