ECSTA for Mitel

ECSTA for Mitel is a Telephony Service Provider for Microsoft Tapi 2.1 (also 2.2 and 3.0). This Tapi driver establishes the communication beween a PC (Cti Server) and the PBX system using the CSTA Server for Mitel. On this Cti Server, all devices of the PBX system are made available as Tapi lines.
ECSTA for Mitel uses the CSTA protocol to connect to the CSTA Server for Mitel.

For installation and administration of the driver see Driver management.

When setting up the driver, follow these steps:

  1. Check network connection
    Check connectivity to the CSTA Server for Mitel (ping hostname / IP address).
  2. Version of the CSTA Server for Mitel
    CSTA Server for Mitel and ECSTA for Mitel should be the same version.
  3. Run driver setup
    Start the ecstamiteltapi.msi (32 Bit systems) or ecstamiteltapi_x64.msi (64 Bit systems).
  4. Driver configuration
    Enter the IP address and the IP port to establish a connection to the CSTA Server for Mitel.
  5. Line configuration
    Add the telephone devices, that the driver should use as Tapi lines.

Version 4.0