Unify OpenScape 4000

You can switch on the driver on the following modes at the telephone system:

  1. OpenScape 4000 - Native Mode OpenScape 4000 CSTA
    The driver will be connected to the OpenScape 4000 CSTA middleware. The software OpenScape 4000 CSTA is included inside the OpenScape 4000 V6 and does not require a PC installation. For connecting a OpenScape 4000 V5 or lower the middleware must be installed on a windows PC (stand alone). See also Connecting to OpenScape 4000 CSTA
  2. OpenScape 4000 - Native Mode CA4000 (CAP Version 2)
    At the Connectivity Adapter CA4000, the driver in the "Native Mode" with CSTA Phase 3 can be switched on directly at a OpenScape 4000. See also activation at CA 4000
  3. OpenScape 4000 - Native Mode CAP Call Control
    At the CAP Call Control, the driver in the Single domain "Native Mode" with CSTA Phase 3 can be switched on at a OpenScape 4000. See also activation at SCC 4000
  4. Harmonized Mode SCC Proxy
    At the CAP Multi domain SCC proxy, the driver can either be operated in the "Harmonized" or in the "Native Mode".
    In "Native Mode", only the OpenScape 4000 is supported. The setup takes place correspondingly to Connection to SCC 4000. In the "Harmonized mode", all CAP connected telephone systems are supported according to the compatibility of CAP. See in addition General connection to CAP.

When setting up the driver, follow these steps:

  1. Install and configure CAP
    Install the necessary Connectivity Adapter or the CAP server.
  2. Driver installation
    See also Settings

Version 4.0