Connecting to CA4000

Install the Connectivity Adapter CA4000. It is part of the Unify CAP Software. The CA4000 Version (CAP2) may be used without installing the CAP server.

Add a new ACSE Application in the configuration of the CA4000 Administration.
Enter the name (ECSTA) and TCP port (default 1045).
You may watch the status of the CSTA link between the ECSTA and the CA4000 using the Connectivity Adapter Link Status window. As soon as the ECSTA is connected to the CA4000, the Link changes to Active.
Hint: Please verify that the 'Connectivity Adapter' service is running.
The ECSTA connects to the CA4000 during the lines are read out and as soon as a Tapi line is opened.
Install the ECSTA. At CAP Login use the option OpenScape 4000 - Native Mode CA4000. In network conections use the host, where the CA4000 is installed and use the TSP port (default 1045) that you configured in the CA4000.
See also General Settings.

Version 4.0