General Settings

The connection between the ECSTA and the CSTA middleware is established using a TCP/IP network connection. The driver may be operated using different modes:

  • OpenScape 4000 - Native Mode OpenScape 4000 CSTA
    This mode directly uses the OpenScape 4000 CSTA. The OpenScape 4000 CSTA is integrated into the OpenScape 4000 V6. For HiPath 4000 V5 and lower this middleware is installed on a PC. See also Connecting to OpenScape 4000 CSTA.
  • OpenScape 4000 - Native Mode CA4000
    This mode directly uses the Connectivity Adapter CA4000 (CAP2). This mode can only be used with the OpenScape 4000. See also Connecting to CA4000.
  • OpenScape 4000 - Native Mode CAP Call Control
    This mode uses the Cap Call Control SCC 4000: This mode can only be used with the OpenScape 4000. It is required to have a valid CAP license (Default CAP-S). It is required to configure a user for CSTA access in the CAP user management. See also Connecting to SCC 4000.
  • Harmonized Mode SCC Proxy
    This mode uses the CAP SCC proxy. This mode can be used with all telephone systems supported by CAP. It is necessary to input the employed CAP license (Default CAP-S) and install the user in the CAP User management. See also CAP general.

Connection using a network (TCP/IP)

  • Enter the host name or the IP address of the computer where the CAP server, the CA4000 or the OpenScape 4000 CSTA is installed. The TCP port for the connection should be the same as configured in CAP or CA4000.
  • Please note the following
    A CAP server, Connectivity Adapter CA4000 or OpenScape 4000 CSTA is required for the connection to the PBX system.
    See also activation in OpenScape 4000

Version 4.0