Advanced Settings

Readout trunk lines from the PBX system
If this option is enabled, the available trunk lines are requested from the telephone system.

Report incoming calls on busy extension
If an extension is busy any incoming call is notified.

Use handsfree mode for outgoing calls
Normally, the end-user device for outgoing calls is transferred to handsfree mode. If you only want to proceed with the call when the telephone receiver is picked up, or the outgoing call is confirmed, deactivate this option.

Node numbers
If your PBX system is using node numbers you can enter these numbers semicolon seperated. These node numbers are removed from numbers presented by the pbx.

Non-unique numbering plan
If the connected OpenScape 4000 pbx system is using a "non-unique numbering plan" this option has to be enabled. Otherwise leave it disabled.

Snapshot for active calls
The driver can validate existing calls. This prevents that calls are displayed on the PC that do no more exist in the PBX system.
Enter a time interval in seconds.
The higher this value the longer it takes for the driver to detect a hanging call. The lower this value the higher is the load on the PBX.

Retry MonitorStart
In the event that the driver cannot start monitoring an extension because, for example, the extension has not been connected to the PBX, the driver will attempt to start monitoring at periodic intervals.
Enter a time interval in seconds.

Version 4.0