Open numbering scheme

In a network of several telephone systems, the service feature open numbering can be activated and a node phone number configured (Hipath manager - system parameter - flags). In this case, note the following:

All extension phone numbers get placed before the node phone number of the telephone system. With a node phone number '6' becomes the 6130 out of extension 130.

It is recommended to create the lines with a node phone number. Setup under Advanced Settings with the participant's identification code the extensions within a field with the node phone number. For example, therefore 100 - 350 becomes 6100 to 6350.

Extensions can also be created without a node phone number. In this case, it can be designated that the ECSTA registered phone numbers appear without a node phone number. This setting is found under Advanced Settings. The node phone number is registered there, so this is cut off from all internally registered phone numbers on the telephone system.

Version 4.0