MULAP monitoring

Recommended configuration for estos ProCall 3
Each line device that is member of a MULAP group should be configured using the line device number and the MULAP number. These lines are now visible in the CtiServer configuration using their MULAP number, not the line device number. In case the ECSTA knows all existing line devices from the Hipath (read out all lines), the caller ids will always show the correct MULAP phone numbers instead of the line device numbers. The ECSTA will only be able to map the line device numbers to MULAP numbers for line devices that are configured in the ECSTA.

Use the following configuration:

  • MULAP Monitoring in the Hipath is disabled
  • ECSTA MULAP Monitoring is enabled
  • Read out all lines from the Hipath
  • In the CtiServer line group properties: Automatically take lines in service (do not automatically create)
  • Configure the users with the MULAP phone numbers (not with the individual line device numbers)

The monitoring and control of MULAP groups is called MULAP monitoring. On the Advanced Settings page you will find the configuration of the MULAP Mode for this driver. The following modes are available:

  • No MULAP Mode
    The member devices of the MULAP groups are used. The management of the devices in the group is handled by the CTI application. This setting is recommended for estos ProCall 2.2 and can be used with ProCall 3.
    The member devices of the MULAP groups are used. The driver offers the logical assignment which devices belong to MULAP groups. This setting is recomended for ProCall 3 und higher. Please note, that MULAP numbers can only be determined automatically for Team groups. In case of Top groups (Chef/Sec), only the MULAP number of Chef 1 can be determined correctly. In this case you must manually configure / correct the MULAP numbers of the other Top members. In order to prevent the manual configuration to be overwritten by the next 'Load Lines from PBX' operation, the advanced option 'MULAP numbers always automatic' can be switched off.
  • Hipath MULAP Monitoring
    The MULAP groups are used. The member devices cannot be used.

From the Hipath version 8.0, the service feature MULAP Monitoring is supported. In order to use this it must be configured (Hipath manager - system parameter - PlusProduct-Flags). At the same time the following is to be noted:

Restricted functionality for MULAP group participants

  • It is not recomended to use Hipath MULAP monitoring.
  • Only the MULAP master can be controlled from the PC.
  • The control of the other MULAP participants is limited.
  • If the MULAP group is used then the participants of the group are not permitted to be used as lines

Version 4.0