Advanced Settings

Feature Code FlexCall
Here the Feature Code configured in the telephone system is registered for the FlexCall function. This is used for the CLIP No Screening function. CLIP No Screening only enables you to set a different extension within your company. You cannot provide any number to the trunk.

Readout trunk lines
If this option is active, the external lines available in the telephone system are requested. Activate this option only if you need the external lines as TAPI lines.

MULAP Group Mode
This option is used to tell how MULAP groups are handled. Details can be found in MULAP Monitoring.

MULAP Numbers always automatic
This option is only relevant for the ECSTA MULAP Mode. If this option is off, already configured lines are not updated with the MULAP number that has been automatically determined. Manually corrected MULAP numbers are not overwritten. Details can be found in MULAP Monitoring.

Readout line names
If this option is active, the names of the telephones from the telephone system are requested.

Report incoming calls on busy extension
If an extension is busy any incoming call is notified.

Offer CLIP no screening
If this option is active, the driver can transfer an individual phone number with outgoing calls. See also Feature Code FlexCall.

Recognition of existing calls
If enabled, the phone system can recognize existing call while opening the line. Please note that not all call parameters are discovered!

The fees multiplier enables you to adapt the registered fee information from the telephone system at the driver.

Node number
If open numbering is used a node phone number can be configured here. See open numbering <

CSTA Login
With CSTA Login you may configure the user name, password and PIN for access to the PBX.
Enter a user and a password. That may be 31994 (31994) or AMHOST (77777).
See Open numbering.

Snapshot for active calls
The driver can validate existing calls. This prevents that calls are displayed on the PC that do no more exist in the PBX system.
Enter a time interval in seconds.
The higher this value the longer it takes for the driver to detect a hanging call. The lower this value the higher is the load on the PBX.

Retry MonitorStart
In the event that the driver cannot start monitoring an extension because, for example, the extension has not been connected to the PBX, the driver will attempt to start monitoring at periodic intervals.
Enter a time interval in seconds.

Trunk Access Codes
Here you may specify the ports for the trunk interfaces. These ports should equal the settings in your Hicom system.

Version 4.0