Configure telephone system

Normally you do not have to make settings in the PBX system. Here are some hints for special settings.

CSTA Parameters:
If the phone number is reported with an external access code, switch on Hicom 150 Assistant Office (configuration program for your Hipath) under system parameter / Plus product-Flags "give direction prefix over CSTA". If this option is not chosen, the phone numbers without an external access code are reported (0 to get an outside line).

Connection using an ISDN controller:
The phone number for the D-Channel access is normally 891. To guarantee a proper data transfer, you should increase the USBS values in the Hipath to the following values:
In Hipath Assistant Office in Settings - Lines/networking - Clock parameters - USBS:

  • Hicom 150 - V2.2
    x-Parameter: 128
    y-Parameter: 64
  • Hipath 3000
    x-Parameter: 200
    y-Parameter: 200

Connection using a serial cable:
Make sure that the driver settings match the Hipath settings. The baudrate of the Hipath may be changed using a Optiset system telephone:
*95 = Login / Password
22 = System settings
13 = V.24 Settings
1 = baudrate,MB
*3 = 19200 Baud

Connection using a network (TCP/IP)
The default TCP port for the CSTA connection is 7001.
In order to connect the estos ECSTA for HiPath 2000/3000/5000 to the Hipath using TCP/IP, you need a Hicom 150H/ Hipath 3000, an Xpress@LAN or HG1500 or a LIM Module.
Please make sure to enter the IP adress of the Hipath itself, not the one from the Xpress@LAN (HG1500). In the Hipath configuration you will need to configure the following values:

  • In network - IP parameter: HIS forwarding, IP Address of the Hipath must be entered.
  • In network - communication partners: IP-Applications: check CSTA.

Version 4.0