General Settings

The connection between the Hicom system and the PC may be established using a serial cable, an ISDN controller or via TCP/IP to a XPress@LAN (HG1500).

Connection using a network (TCP/IP)
Input here the host name or the IP address of your telephone system. The standard TCP Port for the CSTA connection is 7001.
Please note:
In order to connect the estos ECSTA for HiPath 2000/3000/5000 to the Hipath using TCP/IP, you need a Hicom 150H/ Hipath 3000, an Xpress@LAN or HG1500 or a LIM Module.
Please note, the IP address of the phone system has to be given, not the Xpress@LAN (HG1500). See also configure telephone system <

Connection using an ISDN controller:
Should an ISDN card be used, it has to provide a Capi2032.dll (this file should be found in the Windows® System index). The ISDN card must support User-User Signaling (USBS). Note: for example, use Dialogic Diva Server.
Attention: AVM and Teles ISDN cards at present do not support this function (as of July 2009).
The default ISDN-number is 891.
See also Telephone system configuration.

Connection using a serial cable:
Ensure that the baud rate of your telephone system corresponds to the driver settings. See also Configure telephone system <
Com Port
Please select the Com Port at which the serial cable to your telephone plant is inserted.

Version 4.0