Driver Management

Using the Windows® Installer (msi) packet, the driver will be installed on the system.

Driver instance
The driver may be used to connect to one or multiple PBX systems. Only one instance of the driver is used. This driver instance can be used to control multiple phone devices from different servers.

System Service
During the installation a Windows® System Service with the name 'estos CSTA Server for Broadsoft' will be installed. The Service must be started for operation of the Tapi driver.

Register at Tapi System
During the installation, an instance from the selected driver is already registered at the Tapi system. Thereby, you select the necessary data in a Wizard in order to connect the driver with the telephone system.

Configuration of Driver Instance
The configuration of the driver instances takes place either using Telephone and Modem options in the Control Panel or using the included program Phone Driver Options Advancedthat can be found in the Control Panel or in the Start Menu.

To install an Update, please run the Windows® Installer Package (msi).
If an instance of the driver is configured, it will be removed during the update process. It will be automatically re-added afterwards.

The deinstallation takes place via the Windows® Software Administration. During deinstallation, all instances of the driver are removed from the Tapi system and the software will be uninstalled.

Version 4.0