Line Settings

Add the lines the Tapi driver should provide. The lines correspond to the phone devices of the users.

In Workstation Mode only one line device is available. The menu 'Extras', 'Query available lines', 'Import' and 'Export' are only available in Server Mode.

Server Name
Enter the name of the Broadworks server. You will get the server name from your service provider. The default port is 2208.
SSL may be used for encrypted connections. The default port for SSL connections is 2209.

ProviderServer namePort
QSC Germanyweb-b.bmcag.com2208

Enter the user name (login) of the phone user. You will get the user name from your service provider.

Enter the password of the user. You will get the password from your service provider.

Phone Number
The phone number of the line device is normally generated automatically.
In case it is required to enter the phone number manually, use an international format (E.164) e.g. +15551234567.

Query available lines
After entering the user credentials all available line devices are created automatically from the phone book of the user. These line devices are created without passwords. See Server Mode.

Import text
You can import a list of lines from a text file. The file must begin every line with the phone number. Optionally, the name can also be split with a comma.

Export text
You may export the actual line configuration to a text file.

After the installation of the driver it may be necessary to restart the computer.

Version 4.0