AE Service Configuration

A detailed instruction for configuring the Avaya ACM can be found in the document 'ecstaacm_application_notes_aes.pdf'.

The following instruction is a short form and requires an appropriate configuration of the ACM and an installed AE Service:

The operation of the driver requires a correct configuration of the Avaya Application Enablement Service.

The connection to the AE Service is established using the Device, Media and Call Control Interface (DMCC). The protocol is CSTA Phase III XML(ed3).

The Application Enablement Service (AE Service) must be configured for DMCC use and connected to a Communication Manager.
Validating the configuration:

  • Open the 'AE Service Operations Administration and Maintenance (OAM)' configuration.
  • Open the 'CTI OAM Administration' and nagigate to 'Administration', 'Network Configuration', 'Ports'.
  • Verify the 'DMCC Server Ports' and activate the desired port with 'Enabled'.
  • Navigate to 'Administration', 'Switch Connections' and verify the configuration of the Communication Manager connection.
  • Navigate to 'Administration', 'Security Database'. It is recommended to activate the option 'Enable SDB for DMCC Service'.

User configuration
It is required to have a user for accessing the AE Service. The user must be configured as 'CT User'.
Adding a user:

  • Open the 'AE Service Operations Administration and Maintenance (OAM)' configuration.
  • Open 'User Management' and add a user with the name 'ecsta'.
  • For 'User Id', 'Common Name' and 'Surname' use the name 'ecsta'.
  • Enter a password.
  • Activate the option 'CT User'.
  • Save the changes.

Configure User rights
The user requires appropriate rights to monitor and control the phone devices using DMCC.
Configure CTI user rights:

  • Open the 'AE Service Operations Administration and Maintenance (OAM)' configuration.
  • Open 'CTI OAM Administration' and navigate to 'Administration', 'Security Database', 'CTI Users'.
  • Open the list of users by clicking 'List All Users'. Mark the newly added user 'ecsta' and option the settings with 'Edit'.
  • Activate the option 'Unrestricted Access', by clicking the button 'Enable'.
  • Optional: If you want to restrict the access to certain devices, deactivate 'Unrestricted Access' and configure the phone devices under 'Devices'. Group the devices in a 'Worktop' and give the user the appropriate rights for this Worktop.
  • Save the changes unsing 'Apply Changes'.

Configure an encrypted connection with TLS
To connect estos ECSTA for Avaya ACM to the AE Service with an encrypted TLS connection you need appropriate certificates.

  • Your DNS Server must contain an appropriate entry for the host name of the server.
  • The AE Service server requires a certificate that is issued to the host name (DNS name) of the server (e.g.
  • The certificate must have been issued by a Certificate Authority (root CA). This may also be a company internal Certificate Authority.
  • The root CA must be installed on the Computer where estos ECSTA for Avaya ACM is installed. The root CA must be installed as Trusted Root Certification Authority in the Windows® Certificate Store in Local Machine.

Version 4.0