General Settings


IP-address - port
Enter the IP address and port of the PBX. The default port for CSTA connections is 2555.
2. Master (optional)
When the phone system has a second master (reliability) please enter the second IP-address and port.
User / password (optional)
Normally user and password can be left empty. If you want to have a Tapi Premium Server compatible login, enter 'TAPIPREMSERV' for both.

Connection to the management interface

Using the connection to the management interface the driver can query and set call forwardings or DND for the terminals. If multiple PBX nodes are in use you need to configure the PBX node number in advanced settings. When logging is enabled, all operations are logged accordingly.

Connect using
  • no connection
    The driver will not connect to the management interface. Call forwarding and DND can be neither monitored nor changed.
  • Telnet
    The connection is made via Telnet.
  • SSH
    The connection is made via SSH.
User / password
Enter the username and password for logging in to the management interface. Default is 'mtcl' for username and password.

Version 4.0