Advanced Settings

Feature code pickup
Redirecting a ringing call to another extension (redirect) cannot be executed by the PBX system, if there is a call forwarding on no answer configured for that extension. In that case the redirect is executed as direct pickup. Therefore the feature code for direct pickup is required. The default setting is '#*',

Report incoming calls on busy extension
If an extension is busy any incoming call is notified.

Use handsfree mode for outgoing calls
Normally, the end-user device for outgoing calls is transferred to handsfree mode. If you only want to proceed with the call when the telephone receiver is picked up, or the outgoing call is confirmed, deactivate this option.

Offer CLIP no screening
If enabled, the driver allows to set a invidual number for outgoing calls.

Node numbers
If your PBX system is using node numbers you can enter these numbers semicolon seperated. These node numbers are removed from numbers presented by the pbx.

Emulate blind transfer
Due to the missing blind transfer support of the pbx system this feature can be emulated.The driver sets a consultation transfer which is merged when the destination is rings or answers the call. To use this feature on the Alcatel Enterprise, certain configuration requirements must be considered. If these conditions are met, the call can be merged while the destination is ringing. If the conditions are not met, the call can only be merged as soon as the destination has answered the call.
Well known settings in the telephone system for the blind transfer emulation are:

  • In the Specific Telephone Services within Features / Facilities the option mod. On multi-line must be set to False.
  • The phone has to have no or at least two multiline keys configured. If the phone has one multline key configured consultation and conference calls will fail with the configuration above.
Possible implications for other functions in the telephone system, which are related with the required settings must be considered individually and in the documentation of the telephone system manufacturer.

Blind transfer timeout
Timeout for the blind transfer emulation.

Emulate diversion to an external destination
Allows you to transfer a call to an external destination. The call is answered and blind transferred afterwards.

Support for national- international indicator
The Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise can resolve numbers of national and international calls itself or report them without trunk numbers and let the csta application complete these numbers. If the PBX does not complete the numbers with national and international prefixes you need to enable "Support for National- Internationalindicator". The config user interface will then show you the national and international prefix the ECSTA will add to the numbers. Please note that this prefix must contain the outside line number according to the PBX (Default national prefix: 00 international prefix 000). In this configuration mode the PBX will send wrong numbers in case of a call transfer (the national, international indicator is not sent on transferred calls). If is therefore recommended to let the PBX complete numbers and disable the support for national and international indicators.

Recommended configuration:
- Within the PBX configuration (Application Settings, CSTA) activate the option "Set Callback On Calling Device"
- Within the ECSTA deactivate the Option Support for National- Internationalindicator.

Configure the external Callback Translator in the AlcatelOmniPCX Enterprise (Translator, External Numbering Plan, Ext. Callback Translation) like the following:
Callback Translator DEF:
No.Digits To Be Removed: 0
Digits to Add: 00
Callback Translator A:
No.Digits To Be Removed: 1
Digits to Add: 000

In other configuration scenarios the PBX can report wrong numbers.

Support tandem configuration.
If tandem configurations are used enable this setting. If the driver detects a change in call forwarding all lines are update to reflect call forward or dnd changes.

Node number
Node number of the connected Alcatel OmniPCX-Enterprise 0-99 (Default 1).

Snapshot for active calls
The driver can validate existing calls. This prevents that calls are displayed on the PC that do no more exist in the PBX system.
Enter a time interval in seconds.
The higher this value the longer it takes for the driver to detect a hanging call. The lower this value the higher is the load on the PBX.

Retry MonitorStart
In the event that the driver cannot start monitoring an extension because, for example, the extension has not been connected to the PBX, the driver will attempt to start monitoring at periodic intervals.
Enter a time interval in seconds.

Version 4.0