XSLT for E-mail notification

The unanswered.xslt file is used for E-mail notification of unanswered or forwarded calls.

The XML files on which the template is used are created by the server. File sample_unanswered.xml contains example files for an unanswered call. File sample_redirected.xml contains example files for a forwarded call. The files are to be found in the templates/default directory.

You can use the msxlt.exe program supplied to apply an XSLT to an XML file. Open a command line in the installation directory:

msxsl.exe templates\default\sample_unanswered.xml templates\default\unanswered.xslt -o unanswered.htm

When the LogLevel is set under Events to Debug, the log directory creates an XML file for every unanswered call. This file you can use to develop your own XSLT Templates.

Version 4.0