Server certificate

A server certificate is required for encrypted communication via TLS (Transport Layer Security) and MTLs (Mutual MTLS).

Server certificate
A server certificate is used for unique identification of a server. The certificate must be issued for the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of the server. The server certificate must have been issued by a trusted root authority. Certificates are configured using the Certificates-Snap-In of the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) .

Certificate storage
The certificates used must be stored under Local Computer/Own Certificates and contain a private key. The Local Computer certificate store can be opened with the MMC console.

  • Select Run… from the Windows Start menu and enter mmc.exe.
  • Choose File | Add/Remove Snap-In...
  • Choose Add. From the list of available Snap-Ins chooses Certificates. Choose Computer, Local Computer and press Finish
  • In the list, go to Certificates (Local computer) / Own certificates

Version 4.0