For 45 days all functions of the estos CallControlGateway are released (max. 25 work stations) and the software can be tested extensively. You are also informed about the number of days remaining.
At the end of this period you need to purchase a license if you want to carry on using the product. The licenses contain letters and figures in 4 blocks:


List of licenses used
The licenses entered and their properties are displayed in this list.

Valid untilDisplays the license validity period
TypeText description of license type
LinesNumber of lines and phones which can be used
estos CallControlGateway userNumber of users who can be connected simultaneously

"Sum of active licenses" displays the current summary of the valid licenses.

Add a license
Via the button "Add" you can enter a purchased license. If this license is valid, the activated lines and users are immediately available.

If your license key is already available in electronic form, the Windows clipboard is suited to quickly transfer the license into the entry window.

Remove a license
If an already entered license is not needed any more, it can be deleted again from the overview window. First, select the license and then click on the button "Remove".

A hardware ID which is used to create a license bound to the hardware.

Version 4.0