CallControlGateway Settings

The Remote Call Control Gateway makes telephone integration possible for Microsoft LCS, OCS, Lync and Microsoft Office Communicator.
The CallControlGateway is a SIP User agent, which makes the CTI functions available for the Office Communicator over uaCSTA.

Activate CallControlGateway
If the CallControlGateway is activated, the services are available at the declared port.

TCP port (Default for LCS and OCS)
The CallControlGateway normally uses port 5070. If no further SIP server is used on this PC you can also use the port 5060 (SIP standard).

TLS Port (Default for Lync)
The CallControlGateway may be operated using TLS/MTLS. The CallControlGateway normally uses TLS port 5071. If no further SIP server is used on this PC you can also use the port 5061 (SIP standard).
For using TLS (Transport Layer Security) you need a certificate for server authentication. See also Server Certificate.

IP Interface
You may bind the IP Services on a specific IP Interface. This is important if the estos CallControlGateway is running on the same Computer as the LCS or OCS.

Domain filter
In this field you may enter a list of domains. The CallControlGateway will answer to requests from these domains. If the list is empty, the CallControlGateway answers to requests from all SIP users.
If you enter for example ';', the CallControlGateway will respond only to requests from users whose URIs end with or
This filter applies to all sip messages, not only to the uaCSTA communication. If you are using a federation, you should enter your own domain here.

The CallControlGateway must be configured as a static route in the LCS, OCS or Lync Server for outgoing connections.

User Authorization
This option enables the authorization of the Lync Client or Office Communicator user on the requested line device. If this option is enabled, a user may only use the tel URI configured in his Active Directory user profile.
If the telephone integration is configured locally in the Communicator on the workstation, but not in Active Directory, you should not check this option.

Version 4.0