Phone number formatting

A phone number which is reported to the PC by the phone system must be formatted accordingly before it is processed further. The server always works with Supercanonical phone numbers.

The phone number is formatted in this order:

  1. Formatting
    All digits apart from + * # 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 are removed.
  2. Application of the formatting rules
    The rules from Rules Formatting are applied. The modified phone number will be used to continue work.
  3. Removal of the external dialing code
    If an access code is available, this one will be removed. If an access code is identified, this number will be an external number.
  4. Recognition of internal numbers
    Provided that no dialing prefix was removed, it is decided by the length and rules for internal phone numbers whether it is an internal phone number.
  5. Removal of call-by-call dialing codes
    Any call-by-call dialing codes are removed from outgoing calls. The dialing codes used here are stored in a Configuration file (providers.xml).
  6. Standardization of the number
    The number is turned into a Supercanonical phone number.


Version 4.0