External phone system rules

External phone numbers:
If a phone system is used, internal and external numbers must be differentiated. At Phone system location you can define the length of internal phone numbers. In some cases it is necessary to treat certain phone numbers as external numbers regardless of their length. This affects both didialg from the PC and the formatting of phone numbers reported by the phone system.
Here you can enter rules (regular expressions) by which external phone numbers are recognized.
The external rules are applied before the internal rules.

If a regular expression matched the phone number then this number is treated as an external phone number. View Regular expressions.


Effect Search for
The emergency number 110 is always external ^110$
All phone numbers which begin with 11 are external ^11
All phone numbers which begin with 11 and have precisely five digits are external ^11[0-9][0-9][0-9]$

Version 4.0