Phone number formatting
This option determines the phone number format for outgoing calls from the PC. Phone numbers are transfered in this format from the PC to the phone system.

  • Dialing rules apply
    This is the standard setting. Phone numbers are always formatted by the PC according to the dialing rules.
  • Always uses international format per ITU E.164
    The PC always converts phone numbers into the super-canonical phone number format (e.g. +49891234567) before they are sent to the phone system. Only activate this option, if your phone system and the Tapi drivers upports this phone number format.
  • Do not use international format (mixed E.164 or users' preference)
    All phone number are pre-formatted on the PC. Only special symbols will be deleted before sending the number to the phone system. Only activate this option if your phone system and TAPI driver support this number format.
  • Format according to users' preference, Recommendation E.164 with formatting
    Phone numbers that can be dialed are pre-formatted on the PC only and sent directly to the phone system. International number formatting (E.164) will applied before transmission to the phone system.

Version 4.0