Static Route for TCP

For the TCP communication IP addresses must be used in the static route.

Add a static route for the estos CallControlGateway

  1. Register with the Office Communications Server 2007 Server as a member of the RTCUniversalServerAdminsgroup.
  2. Start the Office Communications Server-Administration-Snap-In.
  3. Extend the total structure node.
    1. For an Enterprise Pool: extend the pool, click with the right mouse key on Front Ends and click Properties.
    2. For a Standard Edition Server: Extend Standard Edition Servers, click with the right mouse key on the pool, click Porperties and click then Front End Properties.
  4. Click add on the Routing tab.
  5. Enter the following information:
    Matching URI (Uniform Resource Identifier)
    • Domain:
    • Phone URI: off
    Next hop
    • IP Address: e.g.
      Enter the IP address where the estos CallControlGateway offers its services. You must specify an IP address and not a network address.
    • Transport: TCP
    • Port: 5070
      This is the standard port of the estos CallControlGateway. If another port was used in the estos CallControlGateway configuration, enter this port.
    • Replace Host in requirement-URI: switched off
  6. Change now to the Host authorization tab. Click on add.
  7. Enter the following information:
    • IP Address: e.g.
      Enter the same IP address used under Routing here. Enter an IP address and not a network address.
    • Outgoing only: on
    • Restrict server: switched on
    • Treat as authenticated: switched on
  8. Click on OK, on apply and then on OK.

Note that the settings for static routes may not take effect until you restart the OCS .

Version 4.0