Configure Lync Server

The Microsoft Lync client connects to the estos CallControlGateway via the Lync Server. The estos CallControlGateway requires its own SIP URI for this. This SIP URI of the estos CallControlGateway must be configured in the Lync Server as a static route.

The configuration of static routes in the Lync Server allows only routes for a whole domain (* For the route to the estos CallControlGateway its own sub-domain must be used.

When selecting the SIP URI, note the SIP Routing:

  1. Stand-alone Lync Server:
    If you are using a Lync Server, which the Lync Client is directly logged on to, you are free to choose any SIP URI for the estos CallControlGateway. You can use this example .
  2. Lync Server with Edge Server:
    If the Lync Client is connected to the Lync Server via an Edge Server, the SIP URI of the estos CallControlGateway must be in a sub-domain of your own domain. Otherwise the SIP messages cannot be routed by the Edge Server. You should replace by your own domain.

TLS connection
Configure static route for TLS .

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