Configure Microsoft Lync Client

The Microsoft Lync Client establishes a connection with the estos CallControlGateway via the Lync Server. For every Lync Client user the remote call control has to be configured.

The following information is required for every user

  1. Line Server URI of estos CallControlGateway
    The Line Server URI of the estos CallControlGateway has to match the configured URI in the Lync. See also Configure Lync Server 2010.
  2. Line URI of the user's telephone
    The Line URI of the user's phone has to match the telephone number of a line in the line configuration. This can be, e.g. tel.:+ 49815136856177 or tel:177.

Activate the telephone integration
To be able to use the remote call-contol, the user has to be configured.

User configuration in the Lync Server 2010 Control Panel

  • Start Lync Server 2010 Control Panel.
  • Click Search under Users to configure one or more users.
  • Select the Remote Call Control setting under Telephony.
  • Enter the Line URI of the phone. This can be, e.g. tel.:+ 49815136856177 or tel:177.
  • Enter the Line Server URI of the estos CallControlGateway. This can be, e.g.

Alternative user configuration on a single workplace
You can also configure remote call control for a user directly at their workplace. In this case, authorization by the user must have been activated in estos CallControlGateway..

  • Activate remote call control
    To activate the telephone integration feature in the Lync client, a registry key must have been set, so that the settings can be edited manually. Set the value of the TelephonyMode key (REG_DWORD) under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Communicator to 2 (Remote Call Control and PC-to-PC). If this registry key does not exist, create it as a New key.
    This key can also be set using a group policy.
    After the Lync client has been restarted, open the Options dialog from the Tools menu.
  • Switch on remote call control
    On the tab telephones the phone integration can be activated.
  • Configure telephone integration
    Choose 'Manual configuration' and click on 'Configure'.
    Enter the SIP URI of the estos CallControlGateway in the Remote Control URI (sip). This may be, for example, .
    Enter in the field Phone URI (tel) the TEL URI of the telephone. This may be, for example, tel:+49815136856177 or tel:177.
  • Log off and log on again
    The changed setting takes effect when you log off and then log on again.
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