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The connection of phones and computers known as Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), is necessary for an efficient working environment. Many daily tasks are made easier through CTI, for example dialing from the PC or the identification of incoming calls.

estos CallControlGateway is a Remote Call Control Gateway to connect VoIP, Hybrid and conventional telephone systems to the Microsoft Live Communications Server and Microsoft LCS/OCS and Microsoft Lvnc Server. The CallControlGateway is required if you want to use the CTI functions of the Microsoft Office Communicator or Microsoft Lync Clients. estos CallControlGateway connects the workspace with the telephone system, enabling the management and control of terminals via the Microsoft Office Communicator or Lync Client.

estos CallControlGateway implements a uaCSTA (ECMA-323 and TR/87) Server using SIP over TCP and TLS.

estos CallControlGateway connects with the standard Tapi interface from Microsoft (see also Tapi Driver). As most VoIP, Hybrid and conventional telephone systems have Tapi driver they are compatible with estos CallControlGateway.estos provides drivers for multiple systems to convert CSTA Standards to TAPI, which are usually superior to drivers from system manufacturers. You can view available drivers under ECSTA Tapi Treiber.

estos CallControlGateway is Multisite compatible. This means it can be used with multiple, linked systems. estos CallControlGateway is Multivendor compatible. This means it can be used with multiple, linked PBX systems from different manufacturers.

The estos CallControlGateway software offers the following features:

  • Phone control:
    Controlling the phone at the Microsoft Office Communicator or Lync Client. In the same easy way that you chat with the Communicator, you can call a contact. Callback, hanging-up and further phone functions can be conveniently done at your PC.
  • Display of incoming calls:
    The Microsoft Office Communicator or Lync Client displays caller information when a phone call is received. Therefore, you can see the name of the caller if you have a stored contact at the Communicator, Lync or at Outlook for this number.
  • Unanswered Phone calls as E-Mail:
    You will get unanswered Phone calls as an E-Mail.
  • Automatic busy status:
    During a phone call the online status is changed automatically to busy (in a conversation).
  • Automatic call diversion:
    If the PC is unattended this enables automatic call diversion.

estos CallControlGateway can be deployed on the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP SP3 (x86/x64), Windows Server 2003 (x86 and x64), Windows Vista (x86/x64), Windows 7 (x86/x64)
    estos CallControlGateway is implemented as a system service and therefore is available even at times when no user is logged on.
    All components are optimized for the power of 64 bit versions and fulfil Windows Vista security standards.

Version 4.0